Working with children can be beautiful, yet do not underestimate the energy that goes into it. Imagine working with an over-populated kindergarten that never sleeps. For 7 years. The activity can be quite demanding. 

As the official photographer of the late Bar 25,  Carolin Saage’s role in its history is vital. Without her and her brilliant eye, what would we be left with now that it’s over? A few hazy memories, here and there, but nothing of the visual kaleidoscope of people and emotions which her documentation manages to preserve. Twenty years later, when memory starts to fail you, it will be you, who will find yourself, rain or sun, outside her front door, knocking obsessively to get even the slightest glimpse into the rich kingdom of visual memories, of all shapes, hues and sizes, which she has managed to collect over the life span of the Bar. And maybe for you it may have been that one unforgettable night, or that one unforgettable summer, but imagine the amount of "unforgettable" moments if you think about every single girl, boy, girl-boy who passed though the holy gates, and multiply that by 7. Definitely not an easy job to cover, yet one that leaves a lifetime of rewards. So let us pray and say, Thank God for Carolin and her brave documentary work, without which the world would not be half as colourful.

Carolin's debut one woman photography exhibition “7 Years Microcosmos Bar25” took place along the Spree at Radialsystem V in February. A few months down the line, after the madness of glory subsided, I  caught up with the Berlin based photographer, so she could tell her story. For a review and images of the show please see here.

Text + Interview: Anastasia Loginova |  Production: Daniela Eger at A&O Artists and Organisation | Film Editing: Jon Mortimer

Carolin Saage was born in 1978 in the ex-DDR region of Rochlitz. Outside western influence and therefore deprived of the luxury of a television, yet nevertheless fascinated by images, little Carolin got her hands on her first camera quite young and at the tender age of 15 already knew that she wanted to have her very own photography exhibition. Et voila, some years later, her dream came true. While her next dream, to have one of her pieces in a museum, is still in working progress, you can get acquainted with her work on her artist page.

Carolin is represented by A&O Artists and Organisation.

All images © Carolin Saage.


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