soso magazine conducts interviews with child prodigies trapped in adult bodies typically residing in the Berlin region. This city has a high concentration of creative inhabitants, innovators, and incubators. Therefore, we aim to profile these individuals’ ingenuity, via various means and beat techniques such as cooking lessons, how-tos, and breezy, alcohol-infused talkfests. We delight in putting our subjects into trance-like states where they divulge aspects of their life and views on the world that they normally wouldn’t to just any other press person... we’re that kind of magic. If the individual is famous for her acting roles or extensive discography we’d much rather find out about her weird turn-ons, favourite smells, and fond seaside memories, for example, rather than how she’s ‘made it.’ Or if the person is little-known to the outside world beyond his tight circle of friends and pet chinchilla, yet is of boundless fascination, we endeavour to elucidate just why his existence is of interest. We focus on the fields of art, music, and surrounding culture and bask in the glory of expounding on off-kilter notions in our reviews. Beyond that, refer to the news section for current events in Berlin regarding all that is soso geil.

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Vampiric Moonwalk

JESSE SANDERSON - Embracing the Wild


Graham CaldwellDUJOUR.html

HERCULES + LOVE AFFAIR - Hardcore, You Know the Score