24/3: MUSIC

Ed Davenport – Plays by the Rules

When you see a DJ behind the decks who is good and good looking it’s easy to assume certain stereotypical characteristics (i.e. that he’s too confident, too cool, or full of hot air.) Ed Davenport, however, is actually a very gentle man. When....

3/5: ART

Eloise Fornieles – Unfit for Consumption

My first encounter with Eloise was when she danced the dance of death. As if in a trance, for three days straight, six hours a day, she danced in a darkened room, in a puddle of fake blood, listening to her ipod, while the only sounds the audience....


Pushbutton – Trip the Change

Seung Gun Park is a very shy Korean guy. He was so nervous and flustered that wouldn’t let us take his picture when we visited his pushBUTTON exhibition at Bread and Butter. I then wondered how in the world we’d pull off filming an entire....


Sameheads – Three of a Kind

Once upon a time, three brothers, Nathan, Harry and Leo decided to move to Berlin in search of a happy existence. Five years, a giant teddy bear, and some torn doll heads later, they managed to fulfill their fantasies in the form of....


Tata Christiane – Manic Joy

Much like everything in her bedroom/atelier in Friedrichshain, Tata’s designs are as colourful and interesting to touch. She spends most days frantically sewing, chain-smoking, cutting patterns and also....

24/1: MUSIC

Fabi Fenk – Musical Potency

Amidst piles of books and journals, Fabian Fenk’s own illustrations lay strewn across the ping pong table of his home studio.  He sits down with a hot tea, picks up a box of guitar strings and starts to fiddle with one of them....

16/1: MUSIC

Adam Port – Sophisticated Moves

Adam Port is a night crawler. He skulks dimly lit streets in the midnight hour, preying upon the weak and less able. Well, in a manner of speaking. What he actually does is energetically take the stage most nights to feed you the proper dose of aural....


Julia + Ben – Castles in the Sky

Catching up a little bit with Julia and Ben was nice. We asked them what their pipe dreams are and they could have been really lame and faux humanitarian but instead let their personalities shine through in their answers....


Reality Studio – Remember Yr Childhood

Svenja Specht designs clothing that is versatile in its form and function. The pieces in her SS10 collection range from grey 1920s grandpa trousers to skin tight patterned leggings to asymmetrical dresses in white paired with cropped jackets....

28/6: MUSIC

The Ganglians – California Burritos

Ganglians have landed in Berlin midway through their European tour; one that started in Barcelona and will end in London just before their return home to hot-as-hell-at-this-time-of-year Sacramento, California.  To foreigners, little is....

6/7: OTHER

Jürgen Man of a Kind

Jürgen talks like a man, walks like a man and guzzles beer like the manliest man among us. He’s a true Berliner, born and raised, complete with an endearing amount of local Schnauze and dialect. With his business degree and successful mail....


NAN GOLDIN - Berlin Work 1984 - 2009

CORY ARCANGEL - Here Comes Everybody

STEPHEN SHORE - Uncommon Places


Graham Caldwell



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