A.D. Deertz – True Values

Wibke Deertz founded fashion label A.D. Deertz in Berlin a decade ago as a unisex brand, but has since focused on globally-inspired, high quality men’s garments. Her colourful men’s collections reflect an itinerant life designing across....


Kai von Rabenau – Royal in his Own Right

As a photographer, Kai captures the most subtle of movements as rather telling expressions in time and soars effortlessly in his journey along the landscapes of architecture, fashion, and portraiture. He doesn’t fear plunging deep into worlds of....

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30/6: ART

John Bock – FischGrätenMelkStand

My first thought upon entering the Temporäre Kunsthalle on a sweltering summer day was ‘work in progress’: the grating beeps of a fork lift resonated throughout the building along with the sounds of wood being spliced by chainsaws and hammering....

21/6: MUSIC

Housemeister – Extraordinary Mindset

It’s a hot day in Berlin-Friedrichshain and five minutes past our scheduled meeting time when I turn up at Martin’s building.  Although the residents’ balcony gardens are in resplendent bloom - the façade still delicately bears the scars of Berlin’s....

1/7: MUSIC

Beach House – Magic Makers

“My hair - it wants to kill things,” was one of the more memorable comments Victoria Legrand made in between songs when Beach House performed at Primavera Sound Festival in late May. Rightly, it seemed to do so that night with vigor....

31/8: MUSIC

Hercules + Love Affair – Hardcore, You Know the Score

Since at least the 14th century, motley has referred to a type of cloth made from two or more colours.  Imagine, a healthy crew of five, each clad in their own motleys -- the outcome is eye catching and attention-commanding --  partly due to their....

20/9: MUSIC

Jerome Sydenham – True to His Roots

Marriage, victory, and lest we forget, record label anniversaries are always high times of celebration. Time isn’t always an easy motherfucker to swallow. She’s ongoing, pays no mind to whether you can keep up or not, and acts as the ultimate....

24/10: MUSIC

dOP – Dodging Onerous Polizei

On most days, the S-bahn proves a viable way to get down to Treptower Park.  So long as it’s a day when BVG construction workers haven’t found an old WWII bomb buried in the depths of Friedrichshain rubble.  This happened to be the case, when....

29/11: MUSIC

Spank Rock – Vampiric Moonwalk

Naeem and I are sat at the bar of The Weinmeister Hotel, laughing our heads off as the bartenders attempt to translate his lyrics into German. A few drinks and some knee-slapping nonsense to satisfy on a rainy Thursday night. Our first go is....

20/12: MUSIC

Shonky – Burning the Midnight Oil

Anyone with an x in their name is a badass. Take for example, Xena the Warrior Princess, Jimi Hendrix, Dexter, or Keex.  Rad madcaps all in their own right regardless of their x names mostly being made-up.  So, being born with a real x in your....


MODERAT - Intricately Woven


Ephemeral Presence


Ilaria Soncini – Hatorama Baroque

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the term ‘baroque’ is derived from the French transliteration of the Portuguese phrase "pérola barroca", which means "irregular pearl." These are the pearls found in nature. They have not been specifically...

9/3: OTHER

Erika Eiffel – In Love with the Wall

Generations of chain-smoking writers, skinny-jeaned bloggers and people with guitars have howled on about the subject. Love. Why do we love when all heavenly odds seem to be working against us? Why do we love after the other has....

19/3: MUSIC

Nicolas Jaar – Traversing the Spectrum

From starting off the year with a thunderous yet understated seventy-five beats per minute bang, releasing the 12-inch “A Time for Us” on Wolf + Lamb in January and his “Space is Only Noise” LP on Circus Company in February, to delivering...


Carolin Saage – A Seven Year Affair

Working with children can be beautiful, yet do not underestimate the energy that goes into it. Imagine working with an over-populated kindergarten that never sleeps. For 7 years. The activity can be quite demanding. As the official....

20/5: MUSIC

Dystopian – Bringing Substance to Techno

Dystopian recently celebrated its 5 year existence with an EP on which Function and Pär Grindvik came to remix two pieces of their catalog. A perfect opportunity to discover who hides behind the name including some of the most recent....

CHRIS CUNNINGHAM - Anthropsychosis

25/11: ART

Shaan Syed – Bending the Boundaries

Native Torontonian, London-based artist Shaan Syed's work is firmly cemented in painting, in such a bold and distinct style that his large scale oil on canvases beg you to come hither and nearer. In his current solo exhibition at Michael Janssen....

2/7: ART

Trong Nguyen – Precipice Perching

Artist Trong Nguyen creates artworks that both hilarify and stupefy, intrigue and bewilder. His extensive career has seen him in solo and group shows the world over, guest lecturing at different universities, partaking in thrilling artist residencies....

28/8: DESIGN

Jesse Sanderson – Embracing the Wild

WDSTCK is an art design collective that brings curious, otherworldly objects into the sphere of real life. Each artist and designer appreciates the temperament, limitations, and potential of the materials they work with to emphasise the....


Graham Caldwell



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