Gernot, Szary, Sascha + Pfadfinderei had a raucous year of exhilaration and performance, time-travel and sleep deprivation. Imaginably, their passports and various boxes on wheels were more on hand than their pillows or toothbrushes. They’d wake up in a new city practically every other day in slight bewilderment,  probably not having showered let alone taken off their shoes.

But how different does that scenario sound compared to any other artist on tour? Not much... only that Gernot and Szary have known each other for 18 years and over this time have managed to maintain a strong working partnership, producing a vast amount of music without being pigeonholed or strangling each other. They’ve also been friends with the dudes in Pfadfinderei for some 10 odd years and in this time have collaborated on many different projects, from album artwork to the Labland and Moderat dvds. In their most recent endeavor, they paired with Sascha Ring a.k.a. Apparat and a darker, more sinewy element was brought into the mix along with the seamless interplay of Pfadfinderei’s visuals. On the night of their last show, in their hometown of Berlin, they were in high spirits and ready to deliver another high voltage performance. That they did - and their happiness and gratitude to the crowd could be felt by everyone present.

Text + Film: Yasmin Martinelli



Vampiric Moonwalk

JESSE SANDERSON - Embracing the Wild


Graham CaldwellDUJOUR.html

HERCULES + LOVE AFFAIR - Hardcore, You Know the Score



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