1/5 - 21/6: ART

Katharina Grosse The Smoking Kid

Over Berlin Gallery Weekend 2015, the König Galerie takes great pleasure in opening its new gallery space in the St. Agnes Church, now reconstructed by Arno Brandlhuber, with an exhibition of work by Katharina Grosse. In The Smoking Kid, her third exhibition in the Galerie Johann König, Katharina Grosse presents pictures on canvas which seem as if made for the imposing, lofty space in which they are being shown. Compressed into the two-dimensional, rectangular format of a panel painting, the works point virtually outward, beyond their material bounds. The very suggestion of the possibility of the paintings‘ being infinitely extendable invites the beholder to enter into a corporeal relationship with them, to push off from them, to plunge into them, and so to explore the often enigmatic-seeming illusory space that painterly means have created.

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1/5 - 20/6: ART

Roman Ondak The Joys of An Iron Curtain Trip to the Black Sea

For his second exhibition at Johnen Galerie, Roman Ondák developed a sequence of older and new works that are presented in three rooms. As usual, Roman Ondák’s work evolves from a performative conception. All sculptures, installations, photographs, and performances emerge from interpersonal actions, like the fragments of an old door that are installed on the floor, arranged in the V-shape of a half-open door.

1/5 - 13/6: ART

Sverre Bjertnes New Sentiments

Michael Janssen Berlin is pleased to present New Sentiments, the first solo exhibition with Norwegian artist Sverre Bjertnes, who made his mark as a young figurative painter after attending the Norwegian Nerdrum School as a teenager. He was later educated at the Norwegian National Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo, then further developed his studies at the AKI Academy of Fine Art in the Netherlands. During the most recent years, he has been rising as a star in Norway’s contemporary art scene, with a strong artistic identity.

1/5 - 18/7: ART

Cyprien Gaillard Where Nature Runs Riot

Where Nature Runs Riot is an exhibition of new work by Cyprien Gaillard. The core of the show is a major new film made by the artist over the last three years, and shot on locations in Berlin, Cleveland, and Los Angeles. Through these locations, which have all featured in Gaillard's previous work, the artist reflects upon ideas and phenomena that have held his interest since the beginning of his artistic practice: the distant relocation of landmarks and vegetation, misguided urban planning and cultural vandalism, and the anachronisms that constitute the world around us. Combining an advanced film technology with a documentary visual language, Gaillard creates a hypnotic experience as a meditation on the dynamics of history. At Sprüth Magers.

1/5 - 13/6: ART

Mark Flood Astroturf Yelp Review

Peres Projects is pleased to present Astroturf Yelp Review Says Yes, the gallery’s sixth solo show with Houston-based, American artist Mark Flood for Gallery Weekend 2015. In addition to new works from the text and logo series, this exhibition is centred around a new series Aged Paintings, which will be exhibited in Berlin for the first time. These self-contained yet very much linked bodies of work come together in the gallery creating a conflagration of distorted messaging. Layers of coded visual and textual signifiers are superimposed on one another and lose their individual meaning, like driving down the highway of Houston’s billboard laden freeways where logos and corporate commands are lost in a speedy blur. 



Vampiric Moonwalk

JESSE SANDERSON - Embracing the Wild


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HERCULES + LOVE AFFAIR - Hardcore, You Know the Score



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