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23/2: OTHER

Civilist+Nike SB Store Opening

Civilist and Nike SB invite you to the opening of their new store in Mitte, Brunnenstraße 13. Simple as that, it’s called Civilist/Nike SB, and it’s located close to Civilist. The store offers goods from Nike SB, Girl, Chocolate, Palace, Radio, Ambivalent, Diamond, Independent, Spitfire, Thrasher and more. On Saturday, starting around 16h they will be serving  Schultheiss Bier and warm plum juice with vodka to fight the cold. Prost!


Tissue Magazine Launch

032c Workshop / Joerg Koch is pleased to present the launch of TISSUE Magazine #3. Our favorite biannually bedroom-produced art and sex manual features contributions by Miroslav Tichý, Lukas Gansterer, Leigh Ledare, Martin Eder, A.activities, Adrian Crispin, Elena Kholkina, Steve Oklyn, Hanna Putz, Hans Petri, Magazine, Peter Kaaden, Fee Romero, Maxime Ballesteros, Thomas Bayrle, Andy Warhol, and Walter Dahn. In cooperation with SOCIÉTÉ DE 032C bar night in honour of P.M.A. Starts at 20h, Tuesday, February 26th at Brunnenstraße 9.

22/2 - 20/4: ART

Stohead Decomposition

In his new series ‘Decomposition’ the written word is still the nucleus of Stohead’s oeuvre however, it has reached a new level of extreme abstraction. Stohead’s work process is ecstatic, aggressive, and poetic. The viewer has to digest the multi-layered organic character of scripture, which evokes a vibrant liveliness and power. Stohead shifts the written word from clear, artificial, and easily understandable towards two-dimensional complexity. The works captivate the viewer and draw them into an uncertain deepness due to the high level of abstraction in scripture. The viewer’s perception can lead to a new level of intellectual interpretation. At Circle Culture Gallery.

16/2 - 14/4: ART, FILM

Barbara Hammer Dignity

The experimental filmmaker, documentarist, and visual artist Barbara Hammer, who was born in Hollywood in 1939, has created one of the most influential oeuvres of Queer Cinema. Over the course of a lifetime, the pioneering lesbian film activist has put together a comprehensive manifesto of feminist perspectives. Our first solo exhibition of Barbara Hammer’s work, in 2011, emphasized her contributions to the (self-)representation of lesbian love and sexuality in the 1970s; in this new show, by contrast, we focus on a parallel strand in her oeuvre that commences in the mid-1980s: Hammer’s engagement with illness, aging, and death. At Kow.

8/3 - 9/6: ART

Passions of an Elegant Lady Asian Fabrics from the Hammonds Collection

Luxurious costumes from Nô performances, colourful robes and elaborately patterned obi belts originally worn by elegant ladies, exquisite drapes for altars, stoles and mantles crafted for Japanese Buddhist priests, and rare textiles from China will all go on show to the public for the first time. The fabrics provide a fascinating insight into the technical sophistication and diverse ornamentation in East-Asian textile arts. Numbering in excess of fifty objects, the collection was compiled by the deceased concert pianist, diplomat's wife, and world traveller, Magdalene C. Hammonds (1903-1995), who acquired most of the objects in East Asia in the period between 1935 and 1955. At the Museen Dahlem.

18/1 - 2/3: ART

Gebrüder Lehmann 25

Group show including Tatjana Doll, Slawomir Elsner, Ellen Harvey, Eberhard Havekost, Hirschvogel, Herbert Hoffmann, Olaf Holzapfel, Martin Honert, Tilman Hornig, Thoralf Knobloch, Martin Mannig, Frank Nitsche, Lara Schnitger, Keiichi Tanaami, Joep van Liefland, Kohei Yoshiyuki. At Gebrüder Lehmann.

19/1 - 2/3: ART

Die Wahrscheinlichkeit, Dass Nichts Passiert

With works by Michel François, Asta Gröting, Marcellvs L., Guillaume Leblon, Aernout Mik, Robin Rhode, Mark Wallinger. At Carlier | Gebauer.

7/2 - 28/4: ART, FILM

Douglas Gordon Sharpening Fantasy

Blain | Southern Berlin is delighted to present a new group of video works by Douglas Gordon during the 63rd Film Berlinale, 2013. In addition to films and video installations, his work embraces photography, the written word, sculpture and music. For Sharpening Fantasy, 2012 Gordon travelled to Tangier, where he filmed traditional knife grinders in different locations within the Kasbah of the seaport city. The viewer watches as the effortlessly repeated movements of the men are set to the soundtrack of their day’s work. Following the recent large-scale, site-specific works by Jannis Kounellis and Lawrence Weiner, the installation transforms the former production hall of Der Tagesspiegel newspaper into an experiential, audio-visual space. The work presents collisions between Europe and the ‘Orient’, perception and prejudice, desire and fear.

18/1 - 14/4: PHOTOGRAPHY

Margaret Bourke White At Martin Gropius Bau

In the male-dominated world of American photography Margaret Bourke-White (1904-1971) was a media star. Her portrait in flying gear setting off on a bombing raid, smiling and holding a camera in her left hand, was a favourite pin-up of the forces. The exhibition presenting the work of the photographer consists of 154 photographs, letters and periodicals. The focus is on the pictures she took in the 1930s and 40s in the former Soviet Union, former Czechoslovakia, Germany, the UK and Italy. Her pictures often graced the covers of Fortune and Life, for which she worked for many years. Sometimes she made the headlines herself, as when on January 22nd, 1943 Life magazine published her report on an air raid on the El Aouina airfield in Tunis – the Germans’ main air base for supplying their troops in North Africa from Sicily – under the title “Life’s Bourke-White Goes Bombing.” Her pictures stand for an era.

26/1 - 13/4: ART, TEXT

How to Write 1 Inspired by Gertrude Stein

Exhibition with works by George Brecht, Jimmie Durham, Shimabuku, Gertrude Stein, Ingrid Wiener, and Haegue Yang. 5 booklets with texts by Stefan Ripplinger, Jimmie Durham, Dieter Roth, Tomas Schmit, Haegue Yang. With the project ‘How To Write’ Barbara Klein | Wilma Lukatsch celebrates the 25th anniversary of their gallery and bookshop Wien Lukatsch. The project consists of an exhibition series and a publication series with texts by artists. Thereby we are drawing upon the concept of the gallery to think artworks and books as one, to show them together and to publish books by artists.

25/1 - 16/6: ART

George Widener Secret Universe IV

In his clearly structured drawings, Widener combines real historical events, such as the sinking of the Titanic, with his own calculations, analyzing both world events and his own biography and developing specific codes for the super-intelligent computer of the future. Influenced by the theories of Ray Kurzweil, an early researcher on artificial intelligences, Widener is convinced that in the year 2045 human brains will meld with high-power computers and consciousness will become software. With images based on secret algorithms, Widener wishes to provide intelligent entertainment for these supercomputers and make them positively inclined towards humanity. At Hamburger Bahnhof.

Dystopian – Bringing Substance to Techno
Spank Rock – Vampiric Moonwalk
Hercules + Love Affair – Know the Score

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