From starting off the year with a thunderous yet understated seventy-five beats per minute bang, releasing the 12-inch “A Time for Us” on Wolf + Lamb in January and his “Space is Only Noise” LP on Circus Company in February, to delivering seamlessly drawn-out, pitched-down, slow and sexy sets over and over again, the young producer at once creates organic, heartfelt music and cements himself as one of electronic music’s brightest.  But, as the title of one of his tracks reminds us, Don’t Believe the Hype.  At a ripe, young age of 22, Jaar speaks fluidly and modestly about himself and the music he makes, delving into everything from doubt and happiness to chaos and separation.

Text: Yasmin Martinelli | Photography: Mikael Benard |  Film Editing: Benjamin Lagos


NAN GOLDIN - Berlin Work 1984 - 2009
CORY ARCANGEL - Here Comes Everybody
STEPHEN SHORE - Uncommon Places

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