Vampiric Moonwalk

JESSE SANDERSON - Embracing the Wild

HERCULES + LOVE AFFAIR - Hardcore, You Know the Score

16/10: ART

Geist III – Ephemeral Presence

Something gets lost in translation if you try to explain the term ‘Geist,’ especially in English. Usually, it is understood as spirit, mind, soul or, by some simpler sources, ghost. The more sensitive interpreters, who feel that these translations are....

20/10: OTHER

Sex in the City Fair – 21st Century Masturbation

Two weeks ago, the Messe accommodated for the exquisite tastes of the international art crowd. This weekend the fine wine and canapés of Grill Royal were replaced by overpriced wurst, beer and frozen pizza as porn stars and pimp daddies....

23/10: FILM

Helmut by June – In Loving Memory of Her Husband

If you want to spend some time in the presence of a mad genius, the Helmut Newton Foundation is an appropriate destination, complete with a life size cut-out of the child prodigy trapped in an adult body himself, a few of his....

28/9: MUSIC

Mama – All Over Ya Like a Cat in Heat

On a rainy Monday evening, friends and family gathered at the cosy Monster Ronson’s, a dingy left-field joint and karaoke bar, to watch their beloved Mama with her newly re-vamped act. Its only their second public performance in Berlin, but a....

13/9: MUSIC

Jimmy Edgar – XXX

Jimmy Edgar's empire is the eternal night whereupon radial streets chromatised myths of the 80s are being broken. In 2005 he reanimated the cyber-erotic fantasies of electro-funk in glitch. An import of forgotten dreams. Now, 5 years later....


Fusion Festival – Hedonistic Healing

Forget shoving needles, downing gallons of water, pretending to like yoga, overheating in unnecessarily hot saunas and springs, and all those other rejuvenation procedures they force on you in the name of relaxation (most of which are....


La Rubinia – Scarlet Fever

As happy rays of sunshine bounce against freckled cheeks and the glistening glow of stars starts to camouflage into the pastel blanket of the sky, one wonders “Is it dusk or dawn?” You are never really sure at Bar 25 – the land of weirdness and....

30/6: MUSIC

Tolouse Low Trax – Mask Talk

It’s straight from the dark, mechanical heart of an old machine, that the tracks on “Mask Talk” seem to emerge. The debut album of Kreidler member Detlef Weinrich, a.k.a. Tolouse Low Trax was just released on Karaoke Kalk. This....

22/4-22/5: ART

Roland Brückner – My Fire is Your Water

There is something very enticing about looking through artists’ personal sketchbooks -- it’s a little doorway into the private universe of their colourful imaginarium of thoughts. It also shows their talents with their hands, something which....

6/5: MUSIC

Booka Shade – The Kids Want More

Wooohoo, unfasten those seat belts, Booka Shade’s 4th album More! has finally landed!!!  And once again the guys have got it absolutely right. You know Walter Merziger and Arno Kammermeier, the brains behind this tech house act who....

12/2-03/4: ART

Nicolas Provost – Suspended in Space

To coincide with the 60th Berlinale this month, Haunch of Venison presents the films of Belgian artist and experimental filmmaker, Nicolas Provost, a magician in his field who has mastered the techniques of hypnosis quite well. The effect is....

10/1: MUSIC

Moderat – Intricately Woven

Gernot, Szary, Sascha + Pfadfinderei had a raucous year of exhilaration and performance, time-travel and sleep deprivation. Imaginably, their passports and various boxes on wheels were more on hand than their pillows or toothbrushes....

01/1: FILM

Largo – Bird and Apple Shine

“Largo” a documentary dealing with the Los Angeles musical venue of the same name, recently screened as part of the Unknown Pleasures Festival at the Babylon Cinema. Directed by the club’s owner Mark Flanagan and cinematographer....

18/1: ART

Marc Bijl – Burning Peace

The other day, while setting the dinner table and seemingly ignoring the candles atop it, my sleeve caught on fire. The flames were so high that I was mesmerized by how quickly and violently this could happen, rather than worried I might get....

14/1: ART

Das Numen – The Will to Live

Religion calls it spirit, sociologists call it numen, artists - work in progress. As the first exhibition to launch at the recently re-vamped HBC, Das Numen presents the culmination of works by Felix Kiessling, Markus Hoffmann, Andreas Greiner and....

1/2: FILM

Aronofsky’s Pi Twisting Patterns Further

Imagine you’re on crack trying to solve this hideous math problem. Then a bearded guy with sidelocks comes along and puts a screwdriver to your head. ‘Hey,’ you might say, ‘that’s exactly the near-death experience I had watching Darren....

12 - 19/2: ART

7 Jahre Mikrokosmos Bar25 The Show Must Go On

After the endless torture of not knowing when, the end finally came last summer. Bar 25, the physical entity, ceased to exist. Although for many this meant the end of the world, the true crew kept strong. What would you do if you were part of....

© Carolin Saage

23/5: ART

Chris Cunningham Anthropsychosis

Twisted and beautiful are the worlds in Chris Cunningham’s work with which he toys and entices his audience, often luring them deeper into their own unexplored recesses. His imaginative style of weaving our familiar reality with a dark-....


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