Naeem and I are sat at the bar of The Weinmeister Hotel, laughing our heads off as the bartenders attempt to translate his lyrics into German. A few drinks and some knee-slapping nonsense to satisfy on a rainy Thursday night. Our first go is with “Put That Pussy On Me” which seems fairly doable as the chorus is just: Put that pussy on me / Push me in the corner, put that pussy on me. Easy enough, though we did have to inform them that this is not a song about cats. “Loose” comes next but with lyrics like I'm about to show this glorified ho / How my hip hop dick head bang like rock and roll / She got to have it cinematic like Netflix / HD documented pearl drop necklace / She going to call herself a classy bitch / Live in Chelsea but her naughty parts the meat pack district.... it can get kind of complicated, not to mention just really long-winded and funny-sounding in German. This is one of those situations where it’s better left in English, ie: its original rap electro schizo state of being - not to be dissected, analysed, nor translated. By doing any of those things, you might come to believe that Spank Rock is a boisterous, even vulgar playboy with a brazen attitude. This, Naeem does have, but it’s an understated one marked by a careful way with words and certain subtlety that’s rarely seen when he’s on stage. He’s a wonderfully multifaceted artist and one of the most well-mannered and kind people I’ve ever met. It may be hard to define the music he makes and all of the layers that make up the person but one thing is certain: he keeps that filthy Philly blood runnin’ through him, a cheeky grin on his face, and an uncontrollable drive to put out some of the most raunchy, no holds barred music that America has to offer.

Text: Yasmin Martinelli | Film: Daniel Schwoboda


NAN GOLDIN - Berlin Work 1984 - 2009

CORY ARCANGEL - Here Comes Everybody

STEPHEN SHORE - Uncommon Places


Graham Caldwell



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